RV'22 — Accepted Papers

(The list is ordered according to the submission numbers)

  1. Joshua Schneider. Randomized First-Order Monitoring With Hashing
  2. Gaurav Gupta, Saumya Shankar and Srinivas Pinisetty. Automated Surgical Procedure Assistance Framework using Deep Learning and Formal Runtime Monitoring
  3. Jonathan Huerta Y Munive. Relaxing safety for metric first-order temporal logic via dynamic free variables
  4. Shaun Azzopardi, Joshua Ellul, Ryan Falzon and Gordon Pace. [Short] AspectSol: A Solidity Aspect-Oriented Programming Tool with Applications in Runtime Verification
  5. Muhammad Usman, Divya Gopinath, Youcheng Sun and Corina S. Pasareanu. Rule-based Runtime Mitigation against Poison Attacks on Neural Networks
  6. Jean-Christophe Filliatre and Clément Pascutto. Optimizing Prestate Copies in Runtime Verification of Function Postconditions
  7. Martin Stoffers and Alexander Weinert. [Short] Towards Specificationless Monitoring of Provenance-Emitting Systems
  8. Amol Damare, Shouvik Roy, Scott Smolka and Scott Stoller. A Barrier Certificate-based Simplex Architecture with Application to Microgrids
  9. Dennis Dams, Klaus Havelund and Sean Kauffman. A Python Library for Trace Analysis
  10. Md Nahid Ebna Hasan Khan, Joseph Robertson, Ramiro Liscano, Akramul Azim, Aritra Ahmed, Vijay Sundaresan and Yee-Kang Chang. Lock Contention Classification for Java Intrinsic Locks
  11. Peeyush Kushwaha, Rahul Purandare and Matthew Dwyer. Optimal Finite-State Monitoring of Partial Traces
  12. Shaun Azzopardi, Joshua Ellul, Ryan Falzon and Gordon Pace. Tainting in Smart Contracts: Combining Static and Runtime Verification
  13. Margarita Capretto, Martín Ceresa and César Sánchez. Transaction Monitoring of Smart Contracts
  14. Florian Gallay and Yliès Falcone. [Short] Decent: A Benchmark for Decentralized Enforcement
  15. Hannes Kallwies, Martin Leucker, Cesar Sanchez and Torben Scheffel. Anticipatory Recurrent Monitoring with Uncertainty and Assumptions
  16. Thomas A. Henzinger, Nicolas Mazzocchi and N. Ege Saraç. Abstract Monitors for Quantitative Specifications
  17. Anastasios Temperekidis, Nikolaos Kekatos and Panagiotis Katsaros. Runtime verification for FMI-based co-simulation
  18. Hannes Kallwies, Martin Leucker, Malte Schmitz, Albert Schulz, Daniel Thoma and Alexander Weiss. [Short] TeSSLa – An Ecosystem For Runtime Verification
  19. Jan Baumeister, Bernd Finkbeiner, Stefan Gumhold and Malte Schledjewski. [Short] Real-time Visualization of Stream-based Monitoring Data
  20. Luca Geretti, Pieter Collins, Davide Bresolin and Tiziano Villa. Automating numerical parameters along the evolution of a nonlinear system
  21. Denis Furian, Shaun Azzopardi, Yliès Falcone and Gerardo Schneider. Runtime Verification of Kotlin Coroutines
  22. Filipe Marques, António Morgado, José Fragoso Santos and Mikolas Janota. TestSelector: Automatic Test Suite Selection for Student Projects